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    Trying To Establish an Entertainment LLC in California

    selfbizlady Newbie
      I'm in the music/film industry. I manage music artist and I'm also involved in film production. My business requires a lot of traveling. I conduct business all over the US and I may have start taking trips out of the country.

      I reside in the State of California and my buisness partner resides in the State of Nevada. We have both agreed to establish our Entertainment buisness in California as an LLC using my home/name as resident agent but I have received so many different advice from friends and I have done alot of research/reading on the internet re/LLC's.

      Once, my business is established here in California. Will I still be able to travel the US/out of the country and conduct business although my business office is in California or is it required that I file as a Foreign LLC in every state that I conduct business?

      Example: my partner who lives in Nevada does a lot of busines in Las Vegas. Will he be able to have a venue in Las Vegas, NV using our company name or will we have to register our company as a Foreign LLC in Nevada before we can conduct business there?

      My mind is so overwhelmed with all the different advice on the NET