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    Should I join a fortune 500, or start a private equity firm?

    Jtommy178 Newbie
      Hello. I am currently a partner at McKinsey and Company, a management consulting firm, and I'm located in the NYC office. I got my BBA from Yale and received my MBA from Harvard Business School. I have been at McKinsey for my whole career. At McKinsey, you learn a lot about business management and see how businesses are run. I worked on cases with huge media companies. After six years at McKinsey, I was promoted to partner. Five years later, I feel that my excellent time at McKinsey is coming to an end. Most people who leave McKinsey go on to become executives at fortune 500 companies and some start their own financial services, investment, venture capital, and private equity firms. I currently have a job offer at fortune 500 media company Viacom (MTV, paramount pictures, vh1, Nick, tv land, shcokwave, addicting games) as a senior management/executive role. I would become Executive VP and would be on the board. This job could make me a fortune and could eventually lead me to become the CEO. On the other hand, I would like to start a private equity firm. I am not sure which choice would make me more money. Executives of huge media companies make millions and millions each year, and private equity senior partners also make millions. Please help me.