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    Which one is better?

    ApparelBrand Newbie
      Im looking to start a quick business and get it up and running. I thought of two things:

      -Getting into the vending machine business, but i thought i should try something new instead of the basic food vending machines. Thoughts of books, electronics, Dvds, stuff like that. PROBLEM: Where to place them.

      -Buying a game from China or anything and putting it in any of the theme parks. Something interesting like a fun big maze, or something of that kind. PROBLEM: Which game to choose.


      Which one is better? and will return more revenues faster?
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          LUCKIEST Guide

          You should write a business plan.

          The plan serves as a tool to you and will reaffirm the viability of your ideas.
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            jgatdog Newbie
            First of all, in terms of what you are speaking, is it even a franchise opportunity or a great idea based off of the vending machine or gaming franchise. I think its the second :) Any franchise can be quick to start up if you have enough capital, but to be creative within it is an entirely different story. I.e. If you bought a McDonalds you wouldnt be able to paint the golden arches green to fit in the community better :), you seem like the creative type.

            I am part of an unfranchise, all the benefits of a franchise with none of the pitfalls.

            To answer your question though, I would go with the vending machine. Partner with electronic stores, gaming stores, and etc that kids and adults visit, have them use their games or electronics (so its no cost to you to buy them), and you provide the machine (ideas, lease / rent), that way the customer has instant access to what their looking for 24hrs, no line, no need to wait for shipping, the store has vested intereset in the vending machine being there and you can just collect the "rent"... just a thought. Hope that helps