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    How to sell LED Signs to Small Businesses?

    LedSignGuy Newbie
      I've been running two websites for six months now. One that sells neon signs, and one that sells LED signs.

      I'm doing reasonably well on the internet, via organic search, focusing on people searching for things like "Open Signs" or "LED Signs", etc.

      Most of what I sell are windowfront signs, like the typical neon or LED open sign, both generic, and customized for particular small businesses ( Pizza Restaurants, Tattoo Parlours, Beauty Salons, Motels, Tanning Salons, etc, etc ).

      I'm wondering what other ways, besides just "organic search / ranking well on Google" I can raise awareness of my products with small business owners that might be looking for these signs.

      Couple of questions:

      Are there websites where either small business people in general congregate, or specific niches of store owner congregate?

      What about other venues besides the internet? Is there a trade show, magazine, etc, where I could a reasonable "bank for the buck" and get in front of a large number of brick-and-mortar business owners?

      Would love to hear some ideas.

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