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    Benefits of text message marketing

    mobikas Adventurer
      Below are the benefits and advantage of text message marketing.

      · Text message marketing provide information on demand 24/7

      · You can broadcast text message to hundreds or thousands of your subscribers

      · Text message creates a personal communication between you and your customers

      · Marketing messages are sent to existing and potential customers that has given you permission

      · Marketing messages are delivered to your customers instantly and efficiently with speed and accuracy

      · Consumers can opt-in easily to receive coupons, discount, promo, special offer, new product and services etc...

      · Advertisers can have an UNLIMITED number of subscribers to whom they can send their messages

      · Send time sensitive information to customers quickly and efficiently

      · Reach the right customer at the right time at the right location with the right information

      · Far more cost effective than other media form


      Click the link below to see example of how it works.

      If you have any questions, feel free to email me at