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    "Hard money"/investors needed

    young man Newbie
      I've recently became informed about pre-foreclosure circumstances( home owners in default of their loans) and need investors willing to make home purchases at 30% market value or better whom are also willing to establish a relationship with me that will grant me finders fees for these other wise auction destined homes.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Young man, You have recently became informed about pre-foreclosure circumstances.
          Tell us more. Where are you located and what is your background??
          Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan??
          If I was to establish a relationship with you, how much are you looking for and what security
          are you putting up. LUCKIEST
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              young man Newbie
              Hello luckiest,

              much thanks for your response and concern. My background is ophthalmic lab technician, however I never restrict myself from other possibilities. I am from westchester county and yes I do have a marketing plan as well as business plan for the above mentioned subject and others related to the optical retail industry. My marketing plan is very simple but effective. sometimes in fact in many situations simplicity is the most proficient way. this is an old man's coming from a young man's toungue. You and individuals like yourself are my market. I find and locate you and bring deals that make sense you purchase and flip for profit and I recieve a finders fee for locating these deals. The average net profit on a typical deal is about $45,000 on a $300,000 home that you buy, fix up, and sell for a quick profit and trust me there are tons of these deals all over. In saying that In the above case I would want $15,000 off of every $45,000 at the time of closing in escrow. I'll simply continue to post questions in similar forums. You smart guys who understand that investing yields benefit and saving does not are very easy to find. let us communicate more. I have friends who are currently getting great deals on homes that you will not believe. A close friend of mine is currently awaiting to close on a home that he is purchasing .50 cents on a dollar equity? what about it?
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              CEO Space Scout
              Hello young man,

              Welcome to the forum. I myself am new to the forum but not new to business or real estate.

              Luckiest asked some questions that I would be interested in also.

              As with anything, it is not quite as quick and easy as the people selling the ideas would have you believe.

              Picking up foreclosed real estate takes a lot of time and effort as many of the houses will not have enough equity in them for you to be able to do anything with them. And there are the state laws pertaining to how long the owner has to recind.

              I'm not saying not to do it. I would just like to know more about your plans to see if I may help you or connect you with others who can help you.