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    How important is it when you are "Dugg"?

    DrivewayImprs Newbie is a major part of news transfer and information sharing. Driveway Impressions has a video of when we were on Curb Appeal on HGTV and it has been Dugg twice. Will getting a lot of diggs help?
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          dr.richard Wayfarer
          Digg really works best when you get a lot of diggs. This results in you being promoted to some of the high-profile pages, such as the home page, which in turn can bring you a lot of attention and website visitors. It's nice to get a couple of diggs, but you may not notice much of a change in your traffic. Part of the problem is that the 'digg community' has a lot of techie people who are looking for techie articles, so it's possible they are not too excited about non-technical stuff