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    Flat rate boxes

    amspcs Ranger
      We often use postal service flat rate packets (aka Priority Mail) with established customers that we know and trust...
      It ccan be very convenient and cost effecient, depending on what's being shipped.and it's value.

      On the other hand, for more expensive shipments, or for first-time or unknown customers, the lack of an easy way to establish
      proof of delivery with Priority Mail can be a problem for insurance or payment dispute issues. In those cases, we rely generally on UPS, which provides real-time online tracking
      and proof of delivery documentation. Yes, it can be a few bucks more expensive, but that's a cost of doing business which, like any other overhead expense,
      you merely incorporate into your overhead factor computation. Hope this helps.

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          FashionGal Wayfarer

          Thanks amspcs this is very helpful, I didn't think about using one shipment for regular vs. new customers. You're right, new customers will want to track their online shipment.
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              amspcs Ranger

              Glad my comments helped. As you point out, it's a good value-added feature to offer your customers the ability to track their shipments online
              so they can anticipate and plan for delivery. But for me, the biggest benefit is the undisputed proof of delivery provided by UPS, which can save
              you a chargeback when someone pays with credit card and then claims they never got the merchantdise. In fairness, I believe the post office also
              has this feature for Priority Mail, but I find the UPS version a lot easier and simpler to use.
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              alytus Scout
              yea i ship things also , from my on-line retail operations
              thanks for the advice