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    Looking for clothing manufacturer

    ApparelBrand Newbie

      Hi. I am in the process now of finding manufactureres. I would really like to work with the manufactureres that create clothes for Zara, Wildfox and Topshop. I want to enter the market knowing that what I have is of high quality and offer people great trendy clothes. Any manufactureres in the USA or China/India is ok. But I want the manufacturere to be reliable.


      Right now my main focus is women clothing line.

      I would really appretiate it if you gave me specific names for manufactureres.


      Thanks alot.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Looking for clothing manufacturer

          I would be happy to give you specific names of Mfg, once you tell us who you are.

          Go to Members page and share.
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              ApparelBrand Newbie
              I'm a freelance designer. I would like to start a new clothing brand that is affordable and trendy. What do you like to know
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                  devilshalo Wayfarer
                  I usually wholesaler clothes from
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                    wordperfect Scout
                    Hi, I think Lucky was meaning that you add something like a bio or profile to your members page, tell us a few paragraphs about you and your biz, Maybe then a few more people might be inclined to offer help. After all, when you go to a meeting or party it is generally good manners to introduced yourself before wading in and asking for free help and advice, giving and taking go hand in hand.

                    On a more practical note, in the absence of any real concrete info on you or your business I am going to assume you are relatively green and inexperienced in this field so would suggest very strongly that you tread carefully, if at all, in India and China to begin with.
                    Focus on local providers where you can have more control and trust, sometimes not always the saving in buying offshore is eaten up with other issues or problems.

                    I am not biased or trying to drum up local biz, I am based in China and part of our job is helping out green, wet behind the ears dreamers who get into trouble with less than honest "suppliers" here.
                    It is not a big money maker and a part I don't enjoy so an ounce of prevention is worth a tonne of cure.

                    There is nothing wrong with China generally, it is just that the scams and rip off merchants seem to have a sixth sense for naive gullible foreigners and take advantage of them. Law of the jungle.
                    China is the ultimate free market in many ways.
                    Good luck, and don't forget the Bio on your Members Page!
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                  simplegirl23 Newbie
                  Hello. I am an award-winning, freelance, designer/entrepreneur/actress with a small women's contemporary knit clothing collection launched in 2006. Upon launching, I simultaneously began designing a private label collection for Guess? - As an actress, spokesmodel, brand ambassador and single mom ;) I am extremely busy and have run into some health problems that prevent me from continuing to manufacture my line. The collection has lots of press, a nice following and is upscale. For the right person I would consider parting with it for a reasonable amount of start up cash. The sale will include plenty of inventory - an upscale storage system - tons of patterns and all the accessories to get you started, as well as a turn-key website with built in shopping cart. If interested please contact me through this site and we can take it from there. I hope this finds you well. Best wishes, Simplegirl23