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    A clothing brand

    Meemeeee Newbie
      Hi. I would like to start my own clothing brand. The only problem now is finding a manufacturer, I would really like to deal with high end manufacturers that sauce, wild fox, zara ..etc use. I want to enter the market with high quality products and offer the people great new things.


      Does anyone know where these brands manufacture their clothes? Specific names would be highly appreciated,

      Thaanks a lot.
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          cousins Newbie

          we can help you to produce your products in Turkey. we can be your agent and help you to prdouce your garments in best quality with lowest prices.

          best regards,
          COUSINS LTD

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            cousins Newbie

            additionally the manfacturers which will produce your garments are producing Esprit, Levi's, Dockers, Zara, Marc Jacobs, V&D, Noppies, Diesel, Puma, French Connection, Abercrombie&Fitch (A&F), H&M,....etc.
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              Witty_Frosty Adventurer

              Hello Meemeeee, I'm afraid it's impossible to tell. Manufactures that cooperates with major brands will sign certain agreement to insure the confidentiality. Victoria's secret are manufactured in Jordan, but can you tell which factory exactly? As a professional in this field, I know some "insider" information, but I'm not goning to tell anyone, especially on a public forum. This can be considered both business ethics and professionalism, like what we usually say, if you are into this business, you won't ask these questions in the first place.


              On the other hand, I strongly suggest you not to go for those manufactures, first, they are usually doing well thus have really tall orders, therefore may not be interested in small deals, or will ask for high prices. Second, manufactures capable of manufacturing high quality products will also try to "get even", if the price you settled with them is too low for them.


              I understand your concern for quality, but I'd suggest you start from low-end market and fight your way to the top step by step like many big names did.


              Tell us what type of clothes you are willing to get manufactured, and I'll see if I can help.