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    Get No. 1 Position in Search Ranking in Google and Yahoo

    CEO Space Scout

      Amazing, but true - you can now get to the top of Google when someone searches your name - guaranteed! - without a lot of tricky maneuvering or behind the scenes code and cross links.


      I'll show you.

      Google my name "Kathy Hadley"

      The first listing in Google and Yahoo is my Qalias Profile.

      Click on my profile and there you have it.

      You can have the same thing in just 15 minutes or so.

      Get Top Listing in Google and Yahoo and control what the internet says about you.

      Click on the spinning Globe at the top of my profile to get your own No. 1 listing.

      Just out of beta, is qAlias the most deadly efficient manner of personal optimization in search engine traffic available today - and the most cost efficient as well.

      A few lucky entrepreneurs like me have been fortunate enough to be testing this phenomenal service and we all love it - we're sure you will, too.


      • Page 1 Guaranteed Sponsored Listing on Google


      • A one page informational website - easy to create and maintain!


      • NO extra pay-per-click costs or other expenses


      • A Bulletin - which is a combo Blog and Email Newsletter


      • Online Business Cards (so when you forget them, are short on them, or whatever), just say-> Google my name!


      (Try it now - Google Kathy Hadley)


      • The ability to say, "Google my name!" when you want to be found!


      That's right - all of is a "pinch me, as an internet marketing tool, I'm dreaming" opportunity.)


      No matter how common your name - no matter how many others with that name sign up - you'll always obtain top page one listing and control what the web says about you through your own informational website, at the top of the sponsored links!


      When someone wants to know about you - they Google you.

      Now you can have top listing, AND control what the web says about you.


      If you're someone who is built on their name - examples that come screaming to mind are professors, doctors, real estate agents, businesspeople, or entrepreneurs trying to get ahead - this is an amazing and unprecedented service.


      If you are serious about marketing your name and your business, sign up now before the price goes up. Google my name "Kathy Hadley" and then see for yourself.


      95% of those I surveyed thought that this would cost them between $50-$250 a month.


      Considering what people pay to Google for AdWords and other Pay Per Click campaigns, I understand those thoughts.


      qAlias has established a partnership with Google that wasn't easy to come by, and the site is phenomenally engineered - and they pass the savings on to you!


      Finally, unlike other popular social/business networks, the people searching for you don't have to sign up to find your full profile - they simply click and find you.


      Plus, qAlias doesn't allow searches by anything but name and email - so people won't be spamming you with offers "just because they found you on XYZ service" when you sign up for qAlias.


      If you sign up today, the rate is only $10 a month.


      Get your listing started - it takes only 5 - 10 minutes to sign-up. Plus, you can pay your fee by PayPal, and your profile shows up almost immediately!


      One other tip - be sure to write your bio page in a separate program, like Microsoft Word and then paste it over, as the servers will be very busy with this special offer. This will make the sign up process even easier.


      Any questions, please Google me


      If these types of tips and tools aren't "for you" please feel free to forward this to those you know who it could help grow their business and their brand.