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    Starting an furniture reproduction business need advice!

    Sam325ci Newbie

      Hi All,

      I have been thinking of starting an antique furniture reproduction business for a while, and I wanted to share with you guys some of the models I've designed and was wondering if you can give me some input and advice that can put me in the right direction.



      I have already developed my project plan and I'm at the point that I will need to invest some money (most of the money I have) and I really think I should get some advice from others before I commit ... I'm really having a hard time finding good advice in this type of business and I was wondering if you can help me out in this area.


      My high level project plan:

      • Design and sculpt 10 models minimum for start up (tables, console tables, chairs, mirrors...)
      • Get all the tools needed (have 30% of the tools needed, and have a list for the rest)
      • Build a 5 axis CNC machine (have a complete project plan for this and expert help if needed)
      • buy needed software ... (need CAM software ... very expensive ... but an absolute must for production, I already have all the CAD software I need)
      • Produce models for showing.
      • Find a finishing contractor (also planning to get some books and classes to educate myself on this)
      • Complete legal business papers.
      • Dress up & Deploy website and upload product images to the site (I'm a software engineer; I have already developed an MIS system that will help me manage inventory, orders, statuses, cost, profit , product shipping, reporting and export to Qbooks. The system also have a frontend for customers where they can create profiles and login, shopping cart and PayPal/credit card processing) 95% completed.
      • Get the my sales team ready for rollout (wife and 2 sisters who are willing to help out)


      Sales strategy:


      I live in north DE, my initial target area is Wilmington DE & the Philadelphia PA area, and my sales strategy will depend on my web site, eBay, craigslist, interior designers and direct marketing to furniture and antique stores in my target area. (My sales team is working on a project plan for sales)


      Exit strategy:


      Start the project plan for my 2nd business idea, and auction off what's not needed for my first project on eBay.


      I guess I'm at the point where I'm hesitating a bit, but I think this is normal ... my main question to you guys are:

      Any input will be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks in advance,