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    Best Real Estate Theme

    rgenerator Newbie

      Recently finished work on Blackbird Homes, a real estate company in St.
      Petersburg, Florida. I used WordPress as the Content Management
      System and the Homeowner Theme by Gorilla Themes.


      The theme design is very clean and organized, but I was mainly
      impressed with how well the theme integrated with WordPress. You can
      add a listing as easily as you can add a blog post. The categories are
      used heavily to create search functionality, organize properties and
      distinguish between listings and blog posts.


      The theme is user-friendly, including several useful plugins and 5
      different color templates to choose from.


      I could have built the entire site without any coding, but did tweak a
      few things on the sidebar, cascading style sheet and header.


      The support forum at Gorilla themes has a lot of good information,
      the documentation available was easy to read and they responded to
      questions quickly.


      The theme is scalable to allow multiple agents to have their own
      logins, post their own listings and have them displayed along with their
      agent profile.


      I recommend this as a powerful, functional solution to a real estate