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    E-Commerce Product Reviews

    NatOnline Tracker
      Looking for advises on product reviews :)

      I have the possibility to activate product reviews on our e-commerce product pages and I am wondering what will engage people to talk about the products they bought from us.

      I am sure that many online stores make some reviews themselves that look natural, but here at Natural Elements we hate fake things or tricks.

      My question is simple: What could be the reasons to leave a review on the product you bought from an e-commerce?

      Thank you
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          amspcs Ranger
          I would think a personal opinion (aka 'review') on any product one has experienced would be helpful to some degree, particularly if extraordinary benefits or problems were found.

          However, in the case of ecommerce solutions, it is important to understand that there IS no one-size-fits all solution. What works well for one merchant may well be an absolutely terrible choice for another.
          Customization is the key--each merchant has their own particular unique needs, requirements, comfort levels, budgets, and so forth.

          I also need to explain that calling something an 'ecommerce solution' is a very misleading and potentially harmful generic term. A complete 'ecommerce solution' actually consists of several completely independent and separate providers
          working in tandem...(a) a merchant account (b) a gateway and (c) a shopping cart. Together, all these separate entities working together form an 'ecommerce solution". Separately without any of the other elements, they are useless.

          It should also be mentioned, as we have many times in the past, that contracting with so-called 'integrated' providers that supposely make it 'easy' by bundling
          all of the above mentioned providers into a one-price package is always a big mistake, and should be avoided no matter how enticing it may look or sound.


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              healthnut Wayfarer
              thank you amspcs

              i am right now doing research to put together our ecommerce solution and was happy to read your message. So for example tempted with corecommerce as the 'bundle' of things seems really great though hate they are not there all the time to help when i get started. would have someone else custom design the site to get it going. we will be selling supplements, to brands, that will be linked together on one site for easy checkout.

              would love your ideas on how would be best to do it..

              many thanks
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                  amspcs Ranger
                  Dear Healthnut:

                  I'm nut sure I understood your reply. Could you please re-state a little more consisely? Thanks.
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                      healthnut Wayfarer
                      hi there,

                      you mentioned not to go with 'bundled' packages, like where they offer all the stuff all under one roof.. you mentioned it was not a good idea..
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                          In my experience in working with eCommerce clients. In general 60% of comments are negative; usually it's poor customer service that will motivate people to leave a comment.The key is how the company reacts in these situations. If the response is appropriate a company can turn bad PR into good PR. That being said, generally about 40% of the time people will be motivated to post positive comments. Instead of paying a web design company to build a product comment function, you could start a facebook page or a word press blog. The key is to then put effective calls to action on your site that encourage people to leave their comments on those pages. This a relatively low barrier to entry way to encourage dialog with your customers.
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                              PeterPan Newbie
                              Thanks for that idea about social networking. I'm still working on layout improvement, but that looks like as very quick and almost free way of getting comments. Hope to try it soon.

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                                  KathleenF Scout

                                  I disagree with you. Any place a brand can engage their consumers they should. Be it, Facebook, Twitter, personalized community, customer service and so on ... it should be done. The more channels of communication with your consumers the better. Now this doesn't mean everyone should fly out and open a Facebook or Twitter account! The business or brand should sit down and plan out a complete marketing strategy and crisis response in case these types of "negative" feedback issues arise.

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                        smallbus01 Adventurer

                        I've done some product reviews before and what I have noticed is, the reasons for that are both extremes. Either they really LIKE it or they really HATE it. And to get natural reviews from your buyers you must make sure that the product that you are selling is really good and living up to its expectations. And also I would suggest making a few fake reviews on every product to give people the urge to also thank you for the product.