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    LOOKING FOR MARKETING HELP creative ad for radio and print retail shop

    giorgioa Wayfarer
      I have a retail gift boutique and am trying to come up with a creative ad for radio. I want something that will get people interested. Not the same old "hi i am so and so and i have a gift shop" I want to create a buzz and also create some publicity out of the ad. Any ideas ? We have gifts inspired by the european country side.
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          Iwrite Pioneer
          Are you going to write the radio spot or do you need someone to write it for you? I'm not sure what kind of help you are looking for. Writing creative and effective radio is an art form. Where are you located?

          You can find a good freelance/contract copywriter to write and oversee the production of the spot! I prefer not to let the radio station create the spots, that is not what they do best. I know they offer the service as part of their sales pitch but there tends to be a drop-off in quality. Ask to see or in this case listen to their "reel." A reel is a collection of the best work they have done. If you don't hear what you are looking for don't use them. Most major cities have a network of freelance/contract advertising professionals that you can contact.

          Without knowing more, I am not sure what to say. I hope this helps.
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              giorgioa Wayfarer



              thanks for the information. they are really not that good at the writing part. my wife does the writing for the spots. but i am trying to come up with something more creative and interesting to grab peoples attention. Woman are our customer. The station has about 90% woman listening to this station. I once saw an ad for a law firm that recieved national attention. The ad said "life is to short. get a divorce" call so and so law firm. people saw it as offensive i saw it a brilliant as a business owner. We are doing a 15 second spot. we are in florida.
              thank you
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Tell us more. You have a retail gift boutique. How long have you been in business??
              Iwrite has good answers. Create a buzz means "Thinking outside the box".
              The best creative word is FREE What can you offer on air, that is FREE.
              What do you mean when you say "You have gifts inspired by the european country side"
              Can you work the two together FREE and gifts from the european country side??
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                MobileMktng Newbie

                Actually, I think I'd like to address your media plan more than the creative, b/c at first glance it makes me uneasy. Being in a major media market like Miami, the cost of airing on any strong radio station wouldn't seem efficient for a 1 location store. I suspect a few possibilities:
                • The radio station is not a strong performer, you're getting 'good' rates, but where are you running and how many are really listening
                • The radio station is a medium strong performer, you're getting 'fair' rates, you aren't running in key areas that will drive traffic in your doors

                Airing on one station, which I think that's what I picked up, is generally not a great use of cash, unless you 'own' the station. By that I mean, your spot is heard, many, many, many times each hour. This applies to Radio more so than TV since its just audio, radio is a frequency medium, listeners have to hear your spot multiple times before it registers and they react (come in to your store)

                You are in a aesthetic, visual business; antiques, collectibles, cannot adequately convey the beauty, the elegance, the sophistication or style through radio. TV (broadcast or cable) may be a far more effective medium to explore in promoting your store. People watch TV all day long, where the radio has just a few key areas (drive time). You have a great benefit as you're targeting women, there are plenty of programs that have a high concentration of women in typically inexpensive areas (8a-5p) and weekends. TV stations generally can't give the programming away during this time regardless of the network affiliation (less Ophra, Dr Phil, Jeopardy and a few select others). You can negotiate great rates, and suggest doing an annual deal to maximize the benefit; and there is always one station in a market that has good creative/production staff...look to the CW's and MyNets first, they are all about developing new business. Remember, people watch programming, not stations, see if you can own 1 or 2 programs (min 2 spots per hr, every day) on as many stations as you can afford to buy...this will build frequency and reach. Try to use :15's vs :30's, proven similar in effectiveness at about 65% of the rate. Look for whopping deals in Jan, Jul, Aug and Dec (although Aug and Dec will be tough with Political spending in Fla this year)...running in the 1st two weeks of most any month throughout the year will get you same amount of viewers at about 70% of the cost, as typically less corporate advertisers running then.

                Lastly, use a call to action which can track every stations effectiveness... I'm a Mobile Texting proponent when it comes to this area, but will leave out the shameless plug.

                Forget radio, can just feel you're wasting your money.

                Find me if you have questions,
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                    giorgioa Wayfarer
                    Hi you know your stuff. Great answer and great advice. I have been advertising on HGTV via comcast. I had a good response. I did not have a call to action. Can you help me on that. What do you do with texting please explain. As for the radio commercial. It is 45,000 listeners 90% women. I had ran a few spots on there station and they decided to give us a promo to help us and to help themselfs. It basically said. I advertise on this station and its great. But the funny thing is that i had more people come in from listening to our prom that from the actual commercial. Can't figure that out ?
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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger

                    For your type of business, radio advertising seems like a very expensive way to market -- and it will be especially expensive this year due to the election. In fact, in a couple of our markets, there are not even any radio spots available until June.

                    Unless you have experience with radio advertising or can afford an ad agency, the best way to get an introduction is to call a sales rep at a local radio station (ideally, a station that you feel your clientele would listen to). A person in advertising sales can give you a free education, outline the costs and expectations, and even recommend copywriters and voice talent that would suit your project if you decided to move forward. It may take a couple of hours of your time, but you can learn a lot.

                    You might also visit Bid4Spots -- it's sort of like ebay for unsold radio advertising. Again, I wouldn't expect to find much there for several months, but here's the website: I may be remembering wrong, but it seems like they or one of their partners offers "canned" ads -- ads that are professionally written and recorded for a specific type of business (with your name and information tagged on at the end). Only one such business in a geographic market can use the ad, so it sounds local, but the same ad may be running in every city in the country with a different local business logo at the end. These are much more affordable than writing and producing your own original spot. You can probably search "canned radio ads" and find some options.

                    Hope this helps. Best wishes.
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                      MobileMktng Newbie

                      Feel free to give me a shout on Monday if you'd like to discuss Mobile Marketing...far easier to explain the implentation and execution that way, than via written forum. Will gladly offer whatever assistance I can utilizing that mechanism or finding another means. More than anything, I'd just guide you away from radio based on your need to be in a visual forum.

                      O: 312.235.6701
                      C: 312.203.4039
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                        amynwesley Adventurer
                        Hi Giorgia I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Amy Wesley. I'm a published author and owner and CEO of Nickels and Dimes Advertisng. Nickels and Dimes Advertising creates, designs and prints original brochures, flyers, newsletters and business cards for business and personal use.
                        I create advertisements and write copy but only from the print side of things. Still though I invite you to visit my personal website, and my business website, Feel free to email me, with any questions you may have.
                        Happy 2008
                        • 15 to 30 second spots
                          Flantastic Newbie
                          It can be difficult to work in a clear and memorable message while still creating an original and creative bit of advertising. A few ideas for radio considering the european country side theme would be an accent (people seem to perk up at those), the concept of a vacation at home (people like to think they're escaping to something better), or maybe a back in time feel (again the escapism). If you'd like to brain storm more about this please feel free to email me: Did I mention that I do radio ads?... cheap?
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                            Props.LLC Newbie
                            A word of caution - before jumping into a tactic... make sure your strategy is right, make sure your understanding of your consumer is more comprehensive than it seems to be and make sure your tactics line up with the types of behavior changes you are trying to drive. Only then will you know if radio, or whatever else you are considering, is an effective vehicle for your business. Hope this helps.

                            Joe Mastrangelo
                            Props Consulting, LLC
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                              Lucky7 Newbie
                              You may want to look for someone to intern from a local college - marketing majors, etc. Offer a grand prize of whatever you are willing to spend for an ad idea, ie $100. Make sure you have a notation that it's for a one time idea and you own the rights to the ad in exchange for the $100 prize. College students or business school students are always looking to earn an extra buck.

                              What was the name of your company, what is unique about your business compared to others, and what small item can you give away / a freebie with orders above $20 or so? That's a good way to start.

                              Online you can also research by google, "How to write an advertisement".