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    Best hosted PBX VoiP

    pdxbizz Newbie
      Hi there,

      I'm new to the forum and have another question about PBX VoiP. I saw the answers to a previous poster, but wanted to see if anyone has a similar situation to mine and the best solution for it. Our workforce is nationwide and we have two employees that have until now not needed to accept calls from clients. As part of our growth, they will need to take calls and we are anticipating adding more employees at remote locations in the next year who will do the same.

      We currently utilize a reception service, which is great for calls coming to the main office, but they have no online interface to route calls different, allow us to have multiple phones ring at once, etc.

      I realize a PBX can handle all those features and was looking into Speakeasy. My concern is that if we get each employee an IP phone and they quit, it will become an issue to get these phones back, set someone else up, etc. Do we have to have the VoiP phones? Do any of you recommend one service over another? Voice quality and customer service are two very important features as I can't stand calling and having that echo-y sound, or trouble hearing at all - and I also don't want to call India for support.

      Any suggestions appreciated.