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    money for expanding floral business

    flowers4u Newbie

      Help needed!
      I opened a retail storefront flower shop 2 years ago, and had to relocate back to my shop at home due to a 135% lease increase where I started. Brings to mind the word "slum-lord".
      I have since found another "better" location with a controlled lease agreement. Problem is now, because of slow pays, from slow business to my vendor's all monies made are going to them.My credit is very bad, but my business has stayed the same at the shop and is going great guns for the new 2008 season. The money is out there but not in house here.


      I need to aquire a start up loan (again) to pull me back into the retail floral business storefront. Any idea's from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Please advise, thanks for the forum.