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    Turning Point

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      Hi,may name is Michelle and I've been laid off 2 jobs consecutively . I also have had other issues with employers. Now,i feel its a sign for me to do something different with my life and follow my dreams; and actually use the degree I acheived in fashion design. I want to either start my own line and market to stores or buy. My other thought would be to start an online clothing store. I see a lot kits and tutorials online. I'm not sure if they are worth purchasing. I really want to do this and I know I can. I just didn't believe in myself previously and i have many obstacles put in my way by the devil. I'm tired of waiting,i've let to much time go by. Any suggestions ?

      Thank You much in advance and many blessings to all in their endeavors (:
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          Before you buy into kits, I recommend you take the time to define your business idea, do some market research and create a plan.


          My partner and I offer business templates and forms that you can download at no charge. This includes an ebook, "My Idea, My Business" to help you define your business idea, plus, market research and marketing plan outlines, mini and formal business plan outlines, a start-up checklist, start-up cost spreadsheet and more at Small Biz Break. The home page address is below. To access these downloads, go to our Register page and sign in for access to the Solutions Center.


          I hope this helps.


          Doug Dolan


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            Turning Point

            Welcome Michelle. Tell us more. Go to Members page and share some info.

            *TheSoloGuide gives good advice. Have you developed a business plan

            *Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE*<!--Session data-->