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    only for smart and enduring business owners.... this is it!!!!

    gervi115 Newbie

      i just got into this country few months ago, i am asian.
      yet i knew of this venture way back from my own country, had checked the credibility of this business when i came here.
      the founder, MS GINNY DYE, is so brilliant by putting some part of its profits to charity. seldom we can find this! and not to mention, THIS IS NOT MLM OR AN AFFILIATE TYPE OF BUSINESS. but the income potential and the company support is dime to spend. It is a sort of online shopping approach which this rich and abundant country here is very much adaptable. (you should know most asian countries esp my country is far, far away back from your lifestyle here)
      i dont have so much friends yet to share....
      if you may, please try to click*

      if you find it interesting, you may call me 843 390 5435
      i will be behind you as much as i could.
      p.s. sorry for my english (we only learn english in school)
      i will do my share by being behind you as much as i could.
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            homebizpro Newbie
            My powermall is not MLM??? Yes, it is! Whoever told you it wasn't doesn't have a clue what they're talking about!
            And being a network marketing program is not a negative or a reason not to get involved. (I'm considered a legend
            in the home based business and network marketing industries, so I am obviously in favor of network marketing as
            a distribution model provided the company and the opportunity meets a variety of criteria and operates legitimately.
            Unfortunately, many don't and that tarnishes the image and the reputation of legitimate companies and opportunities.)

            That being said, there is nothing new or unique about the online shopping concept in combination with a network marketing
            program (we in fact pioneered it back in the late 1990's), so there is certainly no revolutionary concept, no first mover advantage,
            etc, with the powermall opportunity..That is not to say that powermall couldn't succeed (it might), but there are other
            opportunities that I would pursue before this one...


            Anytime you get paid for referring people you have an affiliate program and any time that you get paid on more
            than one level, you have a network marketing or multi-level program, so to say that powermall is not an affiliate or
            network marketing program is rather preposterous.

            You are obviously new to the home based business and/or network marketing industry. Hope this info helps you