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    Am I doing something wrong?

    bpwjr60 Newbie
      I have had two posts in this forum..."Starting A Business." I was simply tyring to post my idea for an auto parts business I have and inquired if there were any viewers intereted in being part of it. Both time, my post simply disappeared. I don't want to break any rules by seeking a financial partner. If I am violating some user agreement, just let me know. I'll re-word my post. I'm stumped!
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          SBC Team Guide
          Glad to provide some clarity. Though I don't know the specifics regarding your specific posts, here is some general guidance. Per our community guidelines, we do not allow direct requests for funding on this site. Also, we generally do not allow members to post private contact information.

          Your postings can be removed automatically by forum system if it detects a request of funding or private contact information. Or, another member may have flagged your posts as "inappropriate". We also have community moderators who can remove posts that violate the community guidelines.

          Hope this helps.


          SBOC Team
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