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    What Bookkeeping Software Should I Use to Run My OnlineBiz

    Gotham Newbie
      Hello Everybody,

      I've been selling online almost like a year and a half now, but until two months ago everything was on my name. Namely I didn't have a company till two months ago. Now I have my own LLC and everything has to be by the book right? My question is about bookkeeping. What kind of bookkeeping software do you guys use?

      I believe I have everything I need regarding to my company and it's papers, HOWEVER, even though I still selling online, since I have no idea what to do and how to do about bookkeeping software, all the sales goes under my name. I COULD NOT BEGIN USING MY COMPANY YET! I know it's sort of stupidity but f'n no IDEA what accounting/bookkeeping software do need to use and how to set it. I assume I have to set accounting/bookkeeping software first so that I can star selling under the company name. Am I right?

      I know what and how to sell, but I have no idea about what and how to do when it comes to taxation.

      I've been selling on ebay and other marketplaces at the moment. In a forseeable future I hope I can start my own website too. So, I need a user friendly, free or not too expensive, accounting/bookkeeping software which could communicate with my ebay, and other marketplace accounts and maybe my business bank account (idk if it's needed). I need a button to click on so that i can get everything ready to email my accountant. Yes I have an accountant, but he is sort of computer illeterate. He does not understand things like quickbook very much i believe.

      Anyway... I need your help and suggestions guys. You, who have been using any software like I just tried to describe would help a lot. Which sofware should I choose and which one that I need to avoid?
      I would appreciate your help very very much. It's so lame that I have a company, but i cannot use it since i have no idea how to keep things legal and proper. I want to do it but I f'n dont know. I feel very frustrated!

      Please help.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Bookkeeping Software

          I love Quickbooks. Can help you FREE

          Who r u??
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              Gotham Newbie
              Hello Luckiest, thank you for replying. I was thinking I must be THE ONE ONLY person who has a company and do online selling:))

              Come oon guys please share your experiences. Didn't you have any difficulties about the issue I'm asking about? Have you born with the info:)? Really? Good for you. Why don't you share it with rest of us?

              Well, I've checked it out, but there are tons of different editions or additional packages of Quickbooks. First of all, does it has to be 2010? Becasuee I saw some earlier editions such as 2007-8-9 and they are of course cheaper than 2010. I also saw some packages of all those years which have been used. The sellers say that you can use them without a problem, but you cannot get tech support just becasue they got registered on somebody else before. If it's gonna work I would not mind at all actualy. Is it really hard to set it up and figure it out? Do I need tech support?

              Last question is about 2010 or earlier "Starter" editions. Would they work for me or do I have to have the Pro one for my biz, which I've tried to define in my first entry?

              Please share your experiences. I have no idea what sort of solutions are there in the market. I'm not a Quickbooks maniac:) I need a solution which suits me.


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                  Gotham Newbie
                  Nobody will help/share his/her experiences, thoughts, suggestions? Really?

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                    Achilles Newbie

                    I suggest you go to your local library and get a book about Quickbooks, something like "Quickbooks for Dummies". Browse through the book and read the chapters or pages that answer your basic questions. One difference among the versions is that some may be designed for networks with several users and others are for one user on a standalone PC. QB will definitely link to your bank account and will also interface with Quicken Turbo Tax for your tax filings. You have to decide whether you need the payroll module and that may also determine which version of QB you need. You may also want to go to for additional information about reporting and filing requirements for an LLC corporation.

                    Needless to say this is a lot of work and you may need some assistance in the process. You may have to pay a little money but look at it as an investment in your company.

                    Wish I could help more but my experience with accounting systems is limited to larger companies although I wish I had worked with QB because I would have a lot of consulting opportunities if I had.

                    Good Luck!

                    Len Porochnia
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                  amspcs Ranger
                  Most small businesses use QuickBooksl. We do....can't say I love it because I don't....but after 20 plus years not going to change midstream.

                  If you are just getting started and are not married to another solution, I noticed in Sunday ad that Office Depot is offering Peachtree Pro essential free
                  after rebates, if you don't mind waiting for rebate checks in the mail. $195 minus $35 instant rebate, plus entire remaining balance via mail in rebate.
                  Sounds like a deal to me. Peachtree is a decent QB alternative. Again, I wouldn't attempt to do the re-learning curve after many years with another product,
                  but for starters, why not?