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    Promoting article viewing, use of key words...

    ErinHeaven Wayfarer
      I've written about a dozen articles so far to promote my business. On the plus side, I see other sites pick them up & distribute them. However, the main sites hosting them tell me my articles have not gathered a lot of views. What can I do to attract viewers? Some suggest getting more articles out, which would draw attention to the ones I've already posted.

      I'm especially wondering about the use of the key words. If I use more popular terms, I'm concerned about getting lost in the plethora of sites that would come up when searchers used those terms. On the other hand, I'm concerned that if I use more specialized terms, I'll get fewer searchers in general tho my articles might have greater chance of showing up near the top.

      I just want to put my best efforts towards what will get the most results. Thanks.