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    End Of Life Planning

    AIOAJ1 Newbie
      Why are people so complacent about putting there AffairsInOrder?
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Human nature, perhaps? Most people are fairly complacent about planning for the things they really WANT. Why would they have any more urgency about planning for something they DON'T want?
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            Wingman Adventurer

            I can think of several reason/excuses:
            1 - they don't want to think about death/illness
            2 - they claim not to know where to begin
            3 - they're used to having someone else to everything for them

            basically, many people are lazy and are very short-sighted
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              A, Yell us more about yourself and your company. How long have you been in business?? How long in Minn??
              Your first sentence under Members says it all " AffairsInOrder provides a web based system for gathering, organizing
              and storing your life’s most important information in a secure central
              repository which is accessible by your personal representative or
              family member in time of emergency, or should you become unable to act
              for yourself".
              Nice to have you aboard LUCKIEST
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                  AIOAJ1 Newbie


                  I grew up in Minneapolis, lived in Calofornia for 15 years and have been back in Minneapolis area since August 1991.


                  I have
                  worked with presidential, senatorial, congressional, gubernatorial and mayoral
                  campaigns, and has worked alongside major corporations including W+est
                  Publishing+, +Fairview++Health Services and 50 Entertainment+. Have also worked with such major influences
                  in the entertainment and media industry as ABC and CBS. I
                  currently serves as CEO and President of Sol One Productions, a media franchise
                  that produces and distributes science fiction entertainment and science
                  educational products.


                  over 30 years combined experience as a strategic planner, project manager,
                  marketer, researcher, business developer and fundraiser, I have held
                  corporate and media-related management positions with numerous corporations and
                  organizations. He is a gifted communicator, effective planner and provides
                  excellent operational skills. Decades of leading people make him a sought-after
                  Allan Johnson is co-founder of AffairsInOrder, the leading online
                  resource for end of life planning and related important document storage.