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    Help Starting a Business

    bigben431 Newbie
      Hello All,
      I have been starting of starting a biz for about two years now, but I am yet to decide on what type of business to venture into. I am here as a newbie, but have the fundamentals on how to start a biz (financials, marketing, etc), the ony problem is that I am not sure what indutry to go into. I currently reside in Philadelphia, please any suggestions/ideas will be appreciated.

      Ideally looking to start a business with less than 100K capital.

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          blue_inchains Newbie
          Do you have an idea of what you are interested in doing? Is this going to be a home based business or commercial? What skills do you have? What are your passions? It would be difficult to suggest anything without knowing what your interests are. For instance, a person who likes arranging furniture might do well starting a home based interior decorating business, or a chef might enjoy a catering business. Try supplying a little more about your goals to see what responses you get. Hope this helps. =-)
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            My partner and I recently wrote an ebook titled, "My Idea, My Business" helping people who want to start their own business identify a business that is an extension of who they are ... their strengths, their experience, their passion, their financial needs, and wants and their personal goals.


            You can get a copy simply by going to our Register tab on our site (Small Biz Break) and signing in for access to our Solutions Center. There isn't any charge for registration or downloading the ebook. Inside the Solutions Center, you will find a number of other business templates and forms for you to use, too.


            We are launching our next ebook on August 2nd titled, "My Idea, My Research" guiding your through the next phase of doing proper research for your new business idea.


            I hope this helps.


            Doug Dolan


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