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    Virtual Sales Dealmakers Exchange

    Negoish Newbie
      Is it possible to integrate virtual sales dealmakers utilizing a VPN
      internet/intranet/extranet with sales partners, alliances and affiliates
      to close realtime information deals in HD:LIVE PLAY worldwide?

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Does this help?? 'Virtual Sales Dealmakers Exchange'
          <!-- dtl_id=24881 //--><!-- How Virtual Private Networks Work by Jeff Tyson -->
          The world
          has changed a lot. Instead of simply
          dealing with local or regional concerns, many businesses now have to
          think about global markets
          and logistics.
          Many companies have facilities spread out across the
          country or around the world, and there is one thing that all of them
          need: A way to maintain fast, secure and reliable communications wherever their offices are.