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    Looking to really go green?

    Mikeydoes Newbie

      In 2012 businesses will not be allowed to throw outdated computers and other technology into landfills, due to harmful effects on the enviornment.

      Using Carbon Credits is only a temporary and not at all a fix on the problem to save the resources planet earth has to offer. At Intercon Recycling we have a solution. Instead of throwing harmful computers and other technology into landfills poisoning our earth and water supply, we take a proactive approach recycling 100% of all parts brought to our 250,000 square foot warehouse. We go to huge lengths to make sure you have piece of mind as we transport and disassemble important hard drive information, 100% satisfaction and piece of mind guarentee.

      Our service is involved organizations such as Better Business Bereau (A+ Rating), NAID, NRC and several others.

      If you or anyone you know might have questions or concerns on this very important and effective service do not hesitate to email me at

      Have a look at our website at

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          KathleenF Scout
          And how do you disassemble "important" hard driveinformation?

          Privacy is a serious matter and many individuals don't understand that even though they format a harddrive it doesn't 100% wipe the financial or personal data from the drive. What are your steps for situations like this?

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              Mikeydoes Newbie
              Very good and legit question, we go to great lengths to assure that our customers will be 100% satisfied that we are taking care of their information properly. We have professional drivers that drive everything to our warehouse, where in turn we have workers that know how disassemble every piece of equipment sent in. It is refined and reused, in fact it is safe to say that the
              Trump Tower in Chicago is made from some of the materials that have came through our warehouse.

              I am unable to post links for some reason, but if you are interested more in depth please go to youtube and search for intercon solutions, OR go to our website interconsolutions
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                Mikeydoes Newbie
                Very good question we are the leader in Ewaste recycling. We can 100% guarentee that all Ewaste is completely taken care of safely and effectively. We understand that peace of mind is important and it starts with our expert drivers who pick up all Ewaste. It is then driven to our 250,000 square feet facility where we have specialized workers who know how to break down anything and everything. After everything is sorted all metals are smelted down and reused. In fact it is safe to say that some of the Trump Tower in Chicago was made by our ewaste.

                Please don't hesitate to check out our website Intercon Solutions. For some reason I am unable to link anything, but just put that in google and there are videos on what we are about.