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    New Business Opportunity

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      We are a start up pharmaceutical company. Our board will include 2 Doctors and 1 Pharmacist. We have great marketing people and know ways to save us money on the marketing for the company. We have the director for the commercials and the management staff for the business. We also have a comprehensive and outstanding business plan.

      This brings us to the root of our problem. How do we find private partners? People usually only get to invest in stocks. I have seen too many companies file bankruptcy, get rid of stockholders, only to emerge out a few years later free of anyone who had invested in the "old stock". They then reissue the "new" stock and who lost out on this whole thing? The people who purchases the "old" worthless stock that was not worthless when they purchased it with their hard earned money. We feel that people should be able to invest in a business with our potential with out worrying that their money will be stolen from them by using the "one of the old stock holders" scam. In addition they will share in the profits of the company and not a few cents per stock offered by public companies.

      My question is how do we offer the partnership/investments to perspective investors? It seems that offering the investment on the internet means that you are dealing in the Wild Wild West. It is hard for a real company and real investors to find each other. There are so many scams out there. Do you go through a broker? If we want to use a broker, how do we find one who works with start-ups?
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          New Business Opportunity

          Great question Deborah. I would start with your Lawyer. Next I would contact SCORE on line.

          SCORE is FREE and online you can choose a counselor (or more than one counselor) with the specific background that you want or need. SCORE is a great FREE service.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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