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    Property Management software meets eMarketing & CRM Tools

    InstaManager Newbie
      Technology is constantly evolving. Every day new technology is developed to make our lives more manageable/efficient. For the past few years I have been working on improving work flow efficiency in businesses in hospitality and travel industries. I have found that a majority of companies are slightly behind the learning curve on new technology and how it benefits their business. If anyone out there works in, has worked in, or is affiliated with the hospitality and travel industry from a management stand point, would you mind sharing your experiences in regards to software or business efficiency? Did the software have a built-in CRM to help incubate and convert customers or leads? Did it provide eMarketing capabilities to enhance the operations success online via SEO for example?

      My current industry focus is in the vacation rental industry. My experience so far has taught me that this industry is very much based on relationships and allowing people to get to know you. The challenges I am facing currently are the inconsistencies previous competitors in the industry have subjected the current client base to (with regards to rental management software). Our company has designed a product that brings companies current from a web design stand point. We educate them on the tricks of the trade at how to be successful online. Most importantly, we are constantly developing new ways to improve work flow efficiency by building all the tools needed to run a successful operation in one solution. After all time is money.

      Would any like to provide me some feedback or their ideas on what they would do in regards to bridging some of the negative assumptions associate with software companies?

      Sincerely Appreciated.