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    youngcarter Newbie
      How to attain success in business? Is marketing of products through online is a must?
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          nelsonbaker21 Newbie
          Effective and continuous marketing is very much required for success of your business. You can get the advice of experts to do effective marketing through online.
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              cutthroat Wayfarer
              A crazy question.

              Were you really expecting a one-sentence answer? Given that MBAs, Harvard Business Review etc have been trying to answer this question since forever.

              In essence:

              You will be selling a product or service. So you must find one. This will involve sourcing raw materials and adding value; creativity (in essence, idea generation) and innovation (in essence, idea commercialization) etc etc. You must find margin between the buy and sell.

              Marketing is essentially demand-optimization (see and online marketing is one way of generating that demand, so it is not a must but a method that is commonly engaged in because it has low barriers to entry.

              There is a HUGE amount to learn. The best method is to a) start doing it and b) get some business education (an MBA etc).
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                RobClayton Wayfarer
                You should only market where your customers are. If your targeted customers are online (they search and find information via the web) - then you should be marketing online. If they do not seek their information online - then you don't have to be. Marketing is more about knowing your customers needs and actions then just putting out a blind message.

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