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    Advice on handling payroll

    FCPainter Adventurer
      Just met with my accountant and was appalled at the high cost of him handling my payroll the last few years. I knew it had been kind of a luxury to have him do it, one that I chose when I was starting up and I wanted to focus on growing things and I did not want any errors made that might cause tax penalties etc. However, we are going to get together in a few weeks and try to pick a better lower cost option. he said he has clients who use some of the national payroll processors and others who do it themselves. I am looking to cut costs, but not spend too much time on it, and certainly can't accept mistakes. I have between 5-20 people on my payroll, depending on the season.

      Any advice?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Try Paychex. I used them and were great!
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            TasMotHarley Newbie
            Look into the Bank of America Small Business Payroll service. It's what I use and is very reasonably priced.


            P.S. I am not affaliated with B of A, just a customer. I could get a referral bonus for you but whatever.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              FCP, If you are going with an outside payroll, think about paying every two weeks or twice a month.
              Payroll services charge by the number of checks. Every two weeks cuts your costs in half
              I know of a local company that will beat all others. They do all my clients payroll, all taxes and tax returns
              including year end W -2's. If you need more info contact me at " "
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                Wingman Adventurer
                Hi FCPainter,
                What state are you in? I'm sure there are many smaller independent payroll services out there you can check with.

                Here are some considerations you may want to think about when selecting a payroll processor:
                1 - What methods are available for you to report your payroll information (phone, fax, internet)
                2 - Cost for each check issued
                3 - With they handle all your quarterly and annual filing requirements? If so, at what cost. Big hidden expense will be your W-2s at the end of the year because they will probably charge for each one printed and who knows how many employees may come and go during the year.
                4 - In California we have a new employee reporting requirement where all new employees must be reported to the state. A pain in the b... Not sure if your state has any such requirements but if they do, will the payroll service also handle filing the appropriate paperwork for you?
                5 - Method of getting your payroll checks. Will you be printing them yourself, have them mailed or sent Fedx?

                There are many other things to weigh but these were some of the major areas I looked at when selecting my payroll service provider.


                Good Luck

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                  SOLUTIONSHR Wayfarer
                  Hi FCPainter,

                  I am co-owner of a small Payroll Processing, Human Resources, Training and Insurance Benefits firm. We provide the same services as the huge national companies but with what we feel is superior customer service at comparable prices.

                  Our Payroll System is web based and we do the taxes for you. You can select from Direct Deposit, Debit Card or check.

                  I would be pleased to provide a quote to you. Please email me the following information and I can prepare one for you.

                  1. Frequency of Payroll.
                  2. State(s) of operation.
                  3. Number of Employees.
                  4. Number of Direct Deposits and Live Checks. (Note: direct deposit is the most cost effective method. If you have employees that do not have a bank account, we can use a debit card and load their pay onto it each pay period. The employee pays a small fee (few dollars) for the card each month but it is much cheaper than what a check cashing store charges.
                  5. Any special payroll items such as child support collections, garnishments, etc.
                  6. List of deductions (i.e. - benefits, insurance, etc.)

                  You can visit our WEB Site at You can also reach me by phone at 800-928-7449 or 954-839-6375. Just ask for Greg.
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                    eprmsi Newbie

                    We have been using QuickBooks payroll for several years with excellent results. We have 19 employees and it does not take a great deal of time to process. We did use our accountant at one time but you still have to tell the accountant of new employees and all their information including hours every week (for us). We gave up on our accountant doing the payroll when a new employee of theirs made such a mess of the payroll that it took major work to fix (and they charged me for the work). QuickBooks will keep your software up to date. You could run the trial software to see if you can duplicate what your accountant does for you. If you are unsuccessful or uncomfortable, send it back in the trial time and you are not out of any money. There are other payroll software packages as well and I'm sure that many of them are good. You only have a couple of weeks to make up at this point and can input the payroll "after the fact". Good luck!
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                      puzzleman Tracker

                      I thought nobody was going to mention Quickbooks till the end. I do payroll every two weeks, My employee count ranges from 9 - 22 depending on the time of year. I do it on Quickbooks and takes just a few hours. It's real easy plus when you do the taxes for each month, it has it all figured out and will print out the check for you as well.
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                        bonnie1110 Wayfarer

                        If you are looking for high customer service and low-cost, I suggest you contact me at We provide payroll processing, Quarterly payroll tax processing, W2's and 1099 processing, and Direct deposit or Paper check offerings. We provide the option of you entering the employee hours yourself to ensure accuracy or we can do it. You would also be granted 24/7 access to your Payroll and Tax reports, which is password protected. Your employees would be able to have access to their paystubs and the ability to update their personal information. Our payroll processing can also be integrated into your accounting software. We eliminate your high cost of using an accountant or an expensive payroll outsourcing company as well as the time you would need to spend by doing it yourself with Quickbooks or Peachtree. We can provide what ADP, Paychex, Quickbooks, and Peachtree can not, excellent customer service and low-cost. With that being said, I have the solution to your hassles and headaches of payroll, taxes, and many other business services. We do not go up on your cost as you add employees, it actually goes down. This helps as your business grows. Our standard of service is always higher than our price. Information is also provided on our website, which is currently under contruction.

                        I look forward to meeting you,

                        Lavonne Clark
                        Ace Business Services
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                          Fact_Finder Adventurer
                          We have been using the B of A "Easy Online Payroll" Service for about a year an a half and have been happy with it. Although, it's not free as someone mentioned on another thread (at least for my accounts) the charge is very reasonable (I think in the $15.00/month range-requires B of A business chekcing). Because our employees are paid via direct deposit into B of A personal checking accounts, there's no additional charge for that (or hard checks).

                          The service handles all the Federal filing, withholding, and tax payments electronically. Depending on the state where you're doing payroll they'll either handle all that electronically or provide you with completed forms that you'll have to print and file manually.

                          We've been happy with their customer service. They were particularly helpful when we had to file an amended 940 and pay additional tax when we forgot to enter a manual bonus we had paid to two employees at the end of the year.