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    New Advertising Ideas!!!

    supriya Newbie
      Hi everyone,

      this is supriya and i am a software engineer in a MNC, but i am very much interested in writing advertisements and i have some of the ideas with me but i dont know whom should i contact and how can i proceed. Could any one please help me regarding the same.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Hi, Yes we can help you if you give us more info about yourself and your ideas.
          Once we know more then we can help you proceed.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            MobileMktng Newbie

            Writing advertisements is rather general. What kind of ads, Print, Radio, TV. Are you thinking of actual copy or general creative concepts for specific industries or stores. Will need to clarify your objectives to provide direction.
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              Greg Melton Newbie
              to get started, I would
              highly recommend the book "Writing Copy for Dummies (ISBN:
              0-7645-6969-4)" available from any of the major book sites. has several inexpensive copies for sale in the "used book" link under the main book. From the back of the book: "Need to
              produce winning copy for your business? This fast, fun guide takes you through
              every step of a successful copywriting project, from direct mail, print ads,
              and radio spots to Web sites, articles, and press releases."

              This book
              is geared towards the person looking to write advertisements but not necessarily
              looking to be a professional writer. I
              have worked with some of the best copywriting professionals in the business and
              the advice/instruction given in the book directly relates to what I have seen
              in these professionals.

              I occasionally
              refer to the book when I need to give a preliminary outline to one of our
              copywriters to ensure I am getting my point across early in a project. Reading this book will also provide a better "eye"
              when deciding if a proposed piece of marketing materials is feasible.
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                aallc01 Wayfarer
                There are a number of directions you can take. I would search for small advertising agencies to see if they need help in the technology field.Your background and experience could be very helpful. Also, check with consultants like myself. For example, part of my business deals with small businesses and start ups. These companies are always looking for ways to advertise and do not have the resources. There are websites out there that focus on start ups that just received funding.Cold calling into those companies presents some very good opportunities.
                Let me know if I can help you in anyway.
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                  intechspecial Ranger
                  How about an inexpensive Brochure Web Page for starters?

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                    amynwesley Adventurer
                    Hello Supriya, my name is Amy Wesley, owner and CEO of Nickels and Dimes Advertising. My company deisgns, creates and prints original brochures, flyers, newsletters and business cards for business and personal use.
                    You post interests me because I create advertisements. And it would be interesting if we could talk sometime. Exchange ideas. Email me at anytime and feel free to browse my personal website, and my business website,
                    Happy 2008
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                      aallc01 Wayfarer
                      Whatever advertisements you createmake sure you work with a direct advertising agency that provides a complete compliment of services. What I mean by that is you want a company that will provide you statistical data to see how well your ads are doing and if you are getting to the right audience. I represent a company that you can speak directly too. Let me know if you want me to set something up. There is nothing binding about the phone call and they could really help you get started.
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                        PRINTERS Wayfarer

                        Hi Supriya,
                        You can find 1000's of Good agencies that may help Your need. But We offer Cheapest solution which helps Your compnay Grow. Fortune Prophet has a vision, a better future for our client.
                        We helped some Business, and they are growing. That makes us happy.
                        If You need any help. If You think somebody to help You to cut Your cost. We will be helping You.
                        We can help You create ad for all media.
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                        May God Flourish Your Business