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    Started an automotive & motorcycle repair business

    paccat Newbie
      Started a new business with no business knowledge. Now i am to far in it to stop but at the same time my capital is gone. Operating on a shoestring but the bills keep coming. need advice, strategy, aid. anything right now. Business it self is doing okay but money flow slow.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          automotive & motorcycle repair business

          Phil, Do you know about SCORE. No money, BUT SCORE can help.

          SCORE is FREE
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            Barky Dog Tracker

            I hope you are still hanging in there.

            I would definitely talk to a SCORE counselor right away. These are retired business experts who have helped others in your situation. Their help is free.

            I found a SCORE office in your city. The info is below.

            SCORE of Columbus Georgia
            101 13th Street
            Columbus, GA 31901-2101
            (706) 596-8331
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              phanio Pioneer
              Can you tell us a bit more on why your business is slow? It would seem that you need to first reduce your incoming bills and second, find a way to better market your business - this will bring in more customers.

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                amspcs Ranger
                #1, the advise you have already gotten is very sound. You need to ingest some business savvy from pros at SCORE, SBA, whatever. Ifyou have a nearby college or university with a business school, that can also be
                a good potential source of free or reasonable business assistance.

                That said, funding wise you do have options. I don't know how your credit is, but of course you may or may not be able to look at bank loans or lines of credit.
                Beyond that, there are other options such as non-bank loans, factoring against receivables, and the like, that may be worth looking into.
                But first, before you do anything else, seek advise from people who know what they're talking about, SCORE or whatever. Running a business with no business knowledge is a guaranteed no-win situation.