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    Offering 'At Cost' Mobile Marketing Campaigns to Build Case studies

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      After 12 years in Broadcast TV Sales Management, I've decided to go off on my own as an Advertising-Marketing consultant, with the unique proposition of selling Mobile Text Marketing solutions. I just opened for business on Monday, and while I already have my first client, with about 3 more soon to sign, its imperative to build a portfolio of clients, case studies and referrals. Thus, I'm opening the door to BoA's small business community to venture out and explore the potential of this emerging technology with a negligible investment. These are some basic elements of Mobile Text Marketing; if you're interested, call or email me directly and reference this posting. I will make the offer available thru 02/28/08, can't work for free too long!

      Mobile Marketing

      Are you spending $50,000, $500,000, Millions on TV, Radio, Print and Dir. Mail advertising every year?


      Do you want to know which of those mediums is working?


      What about which station, magazine or newspaper is most efficient?


      Want a low cost solution that tracks the effectiveness of your advertising AND drives customers through the doors?


      MOBILE TEXT MARKETING is the solution!

      • Easily integrated into your current advertising campaign
      • Tracks effectiveness of current advertising campaign
      • Makes current advertising campaign more effective through Call-To-Action incentive
      • Unobtrusive, permission based marketing, pre-qualifying potential customers
      • Instantaneous messaging to drive sales based on stock inventories and/or service availabilities
      • Database marketing for long term customer relations and extended media value
      • No training, software or backend management, its' all included and handled by us

      There are three things that people never leave home without, Wallet, Keys and CELL PHONE. So no matter where someone sees or hears your ad, they can react by texting and you can engage them immediately with an incentive to make a purchase at your store.


      What you might not know about Mobile Text Marketing is:

      • 300 million people in the US, 223 million cell phones, 95% with text message capabilities
      • There were approximately 350 BILLION text messages sent in 2007, 500 BILLION estimated for 2008
      • Average age of the ‘texter' is 38 years old
      • Men and Women text nearly equally in every major age cell
      • Response rate
      • o Mobile Marketing 40%
      • o Direct Mail 3%
      • o Internet Banner Ads 1%

      Here's how it works:

      • 1. Call to Action in Advertising: ie. "Text DEMO (any key word) to 84681 for great savings & discounts on next purchase"
      • 2. Listener/Viewer/Reader responds to incentive by texting: DEMO (any key word) to 84681
      • 3. Automated bounce back text coupon to Listener/Viewer/Reader: ex. "take txt in for $100 off next purchase of $500+ b4 2/28/08. For ftr savings reply ‘(XXXX another key word)'.

      RESULTS: Consumers are driven to location/site/call bank by an incentive to make a purchase before certain date. The business begins to build a database for those who opt-in by responding further with another key word (‘XXXX'). When your business wants to offer an additional incentive to drive customers, those in the permission based database are available to receive messages.

      If you text DEMO to 84681 you will see a demonstration in action w/o the opt-in portion. (please note that your carrier agreement standard text message rates apply)

      Eric Lazar