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    Selling Advertising Spots on Your Website

    BCLending Wayfarer
      Hello Everyone,

      I am interested in selling advertising spots on my web site. I currently have a website designer that does all the editing to my site so I would let him take care of putting it on there. I am more concerned about how to find people that want to advertise on there. Has anyone on here do this? Any tips would be great. Thanks

      Here is the website:
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          thesymplelife Newbie
          Well, I run an online magazine and I've been approached by a few big companies for advertising.
          First thing's first, you need to have a constant flow of traffic. Your site needs to have good placement in google for certain keywords.. depending on who you want to advertise on your site... For instance, if you're a fashion dedicated site, you'd want to have the best placement for fashion and all fashion related keywords. That way you can have fashion companies advertise on your site... etc. All in all, if you have a good flow of traffic, good placement, you can actually contact companies and offer them a package.


          You can sign up at sites like buysellads i think it's called, and they actually take care of all that work for you down to the payment, onlything is they get a % cut out of it.
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            BC-- how much traffic do you have?
            That will govern what people will pay for ads.
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                BCLending Wayfarer
                I dont know current traffic. I am looking to set up Google Analytics so I can monitor it. I would realy like to work with equipment vendors for advertising because I provide financing for all types of equipment and other types of financing for busnesses. I currently advertise with google adwords and that brings in daily traffic. How do you get your website to appear on left side (not adwords side) first page when doing searches.
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                LloydBurrell Wayfarer

                you should first check which keywords on your site are relevant on Google. Take these keywords and find companies that are a bit better ranked than you are. Contact them. Be careful, you must prove that you gie value, otherwise they would have no real reason to do business with you. You should also do research to find out the PPC values for your current ranking. Offer a better price and you should get some feedback. Then raise your PPC only after you've got some regular ad spots on your website pages.

                Lloyd Burrell
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                  RobClayton Wayfarer
                  You could also contact a few of the bigger SEO firms and let them know you are willing to sell some space. Make sure you have a decent ranking and that those that advertise are relevant to your content.

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