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    Guy claims he's a Google Certified Advertising Professional

    Barky Dog Tracker

      So, I received a call from a guy claiming to be a Google Certified Advertising Professional. I have tried paid advertising on Google before, but the results were poor and the cost for search terms kept going up. I got caught in a bidding war for search terms!

      Anyway, I don't usually do business with someone who cold-calls me, but this guy claims that with his services- I will actually pay much less for paid Google search placements.

      He wants me to sign a six-month agreement. I will have to pay him a fee every month to "manage" my Google AdWords account. I also have to pay for the actual advertising as well.

      You guys heard of this before? Is this a scam, or should I give him a try? Any advice is appreciated.

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          KathleenF Scout
          File a complaint with Google and include the # if you have one. I've never heard of Google doing this before and if that's the case I will be flying to my account and removing my phone numbers. Ugh!
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            Mailman1 Adventurer
            Google does have a certification process. To become certified a person has to pass 2 tests. IMO- regardless of certification, it's all about getting a client profitable results. Ask for references (at least 3) and call each one. I was a sales and marketing manager for years and I never trusted anyone. I always did my due diligence and talked to references.

            Done correctly, Google adwords can be very profitable. Do it the wrong way and it can cost a fortune.
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              mobikas Adventurer
              Google does provide certification to those who passed the exam in order to qualified for Google Advertising Professional. Don't get caught up with six months contract, they are other professionals that provide the same service without contract. The reason they asked you to sign a six months agreement because it takes about three to six months to really optimized the campaign to full potential but the results are never guaranteed. If you are not comfortable with contract, I would recommend research other professional that do not have contract and speak with at least 3 of their past clients to determine the quality of the service. I have hired advertising professional before, initially they'll charge you for the set up fees(one time fees) to set up your campaing and you have to pay them ongoing monthly management fees and also you have to pay for your own advetising as well, this is the money that you actually spend on advetising. Hope this help.

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