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    Can I start selling before receiving my Sales Tax ID?

    libernewyork Newbie
      Hi, I'm about to launch my online store selling men's clothing.

      I have a physical presence in New York state so I applied for the Permit to Charge Sales Tax a week ago. The problem is, this permit takes 20 business days to process, and I would like to start selling before the estimated date when this would be processed (July 15).

      I was trying to figure out a few ways to go around this problem:

      a) start selling anyways and collect sales tax from NY customers, keep record and file the collected sales tax amount quarterly or annually.

      b) Sell all merchandise to customers in other states (non NY), and only those items below $110 to those in NY (NY charges sales tax on clothes above $110)

      I have a feeling that a) could be a cause for penalty. I don't think b) could be illegal, although it may frustrate NY customers. If anyone has an answer to this problem I would appreciate it very much! I can't afford to lose valuable selling time while waiting for sales tax ID to come through. Thank you.