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    technical support - BPO

    SUGARRAGUS Wayfarer
      I run a smaall office offering services in Wireless telecom domain. I would like to extend oiur service to technical support BPO , medical transcription. Can some one help me ?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Technical support - BPO

          Yes I can help you. You also need a business plan
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            phanio Pioneer
            That is a very broad question. But, it is good to see that you are looking for additional revenue streams. For business processing, I would suggest this: Search the web for other companies that outsource their processes or companies that actually do the work for them (could even look for companies that offer BPO software). Then look at what they companies are seeking or offering in terms of functionality - what these customers need or what companies are offering. Then, in your local market - start small and cold call a few other businesses and try to sell them your services - based on what you have learned. What your goal here would be to 1) continue learning as you talk to these businesses finding out what they need, what they like and what they don't as well as why thye might say no and 2) get a client or two - that you can dedicate a ton of time with as you learn how to handle their request.

            Regarding medial transcriptions - your best bet is to just start calling local medial groups - try to find the person that can make the decision about outsourcing this service. Try to land one or two and work the account very well. As you get better and more efficient - then start to span out into other cities.

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