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    Be careful of your privacy on social networks

      Did you know there are companies that collect your data via automated means to profile you-- then sell that data to bill collectors, spammers, and anyone else who would be able to make use of your data? Today, with so much information being collected without our knowledge, it's important to make sure that you're aware of what you're distributing. Follow these steps to protect yourself from companies like PeekYou, Tatto Media, and hordes of others that profit on you without your knowledge.

      To find out what companies have on you, log out of Google and then search your name. If you're logged into Google, you will see personalized results.
      Then make sure you're logged out of facebook, then search for " YOUR NAME", where you're replacing YOUR NAME with your name.
      Anything that shows up, make sure that you're okay with it, plus remove it from those sources or at least change the privacy settings.
      Facebook has made great strides in making privacy controls simple-- we can only hope that the shadier players will, too.

      The FTC doesn't yet have rules in this area, so many companies are running as fast as they can to harvest your data.