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    new clients

    coffee times Newbie
      thanks to everyone with their ideas we do have a free coffee card that does help we are in the middle of a web site have a new logo that should make a difference and are having t shirts made. hopefully all thats coming together any other sugg.
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          youwhippedguy Newbie
          Thanks for offering an actual business thats useful and beneficial to the economy!
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Coffee, Have you set up goals like INCOME by day, By week, etc like a BUDGET.
            How are you tracking SALES?? Do you have an accounting system in place??
            I am a Quickbooks Consultant. Can I be of any help??
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                coffee times Newbie
                luckiest thanks for your offer yes it seems things change minute by minute due to the ever changing prices of stock with the gas prices changing daily just the price of eggs change daily. it makes it difficult to keep up with. yes we have set this up but like i said its very tricky because the economy right now is so bad. people get thrown off by a small snow in our area and lose track daily just because the weather is bad or school lets out early. we have quick books and do our books weekly and monthly. and we ahve a system in place to track daily. thanks you've been helpful