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    Market Wooden Products

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      We specialize in manufacturing of Wooden and Acrylic Gift articles and Novelties.


      Following are the different type of items:


      » Coasters
      » Mobile Stands
      » Visiting Cards Holders
      » Muilti Purpose Stands
      » Office Desk Utility Items

      We also do custom orders, Check out our website Can you give an idea of how to market these products? where to place ads etc?


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          Market Wooden Products

          Love wooden products. Do you know about SCORE??

          Have you developed a marketing plan?? I can help
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            I suggest you start by defining who is a prime target for your products. Who are they? Where are they located? What is their need / want for the type of wood and acrylic products you produce? Why would they buy your products versus other similar wood products? Where do they typically go to shop for these products?


            Although you will sell to anyone that wants to buy, you can't market effectively to "anyone". You need to start with a clear focus of whom you are selling to and why they would want your products.


            Then look at where they are likely to hang out and shop. Is it online? Is it at craft fairs? Are there online forums where people review and share their ideas about novelty products?


            Some things to consider:


            Are you using keywords / phrases for your site? I can't see them through Developer Tools. Research and consider what keywords / phrases are important for customers to find you when searching online.


            You could start a newsletter / blog writing about how to care for your wood and acrylic products, and gift ideas for business and personal occasions. This can help increase your SEO and give people another reason to come back to the site. If you do create articles / a blog, create a field on your site to collect people's email addresses. You can send them valuable information ... and promote your products from time to time.


            Have you looked into FB and Twitter to help promote your products?


            Think about what other businesses provide services and products to your target market. See if they are interested in doing any cross promotions.


            I hope this helps for a start.


            Please let me know if you need any more help.


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