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    Starting an Indirect cell-phone business

    dallasheidt Newbie
      My business partner and I are very interested in starting our own cell phone company. We both have 3+ years in cell phone sales and believe we know what it takes to make a successful company. Both of us are very skilled in dealing with customers and most importantly, selling phones. We decided that we want to start in a kiosk, and have been putting together a business plan. We would like to know if anyone has a more detailed list of startup costs/expenses, and where to find the best market research so we can properly select where to begin our company? Anything helps, thanks.
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          Mailman1 Adventurer
          A great way to gain valuable insight into a specialty market is to contact a similar business that is not in your market area and that you won't compete with. Some owners are very friendly in sharing their experience as long as you aren't going to compete with them. If you are thinking about a kiosk to start (I assume a mall location), search mall directories in other states and see if you can get in contact with the owner.
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            RobClayton Wayfarer
            Mailman1 offers some very good advice - call around to others who run kiosks or others doing exactly what you want to do. most people love to talk about their business.

            Plus, if you are looking to say be in a mall - call the marketing department of the mall - ask them what they know about costs of other kiosks in their location.

            Lastly, you can also search out sample business plans (some are free) and look those over to get an idea of what types of costs you might be looking for as well as their amounts.

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              KathleenF Scout
              All you need to do is contact the company for which you want to be an agent for. I'm pretty sure they will give you the necessary information. Then find your location and figure your costs.

              I set up a US Cellular agent about 10 years ago. I know things have changed since then so I won't even bother to offer old advice.