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    Does this business idea exist?

    ElaineT Newbie
      Found this great sight by googling trying to find some answers to my questions concerning my idea.

      Little history: I am a photographer AND Scrapbook Designer for Hire. I currently run a studio out of my home. I want to expand to a storefront WITH a TWIST.

      I want to allow other small business owners the opportunity to rent out space in my studio (1800 sq ft) to help them build their business as well. Whether that is setting up a booth with merchandise they can sell (like hand-crafted items, photography prints, art, t-shirts, etc..), or whether they are just advertising their business that provides a service, or using office space for client meetings (for folks that want to continue to run their business out of their home but need a professional meeting place).

      I have been unable to locate any similar businesses set up this way. We do have a 'variety mall' in a neighboring town that reminds me of an antique dealer set up- everyone has a booth and they sell various items, old or new. But its not technically the same.

      I'm trying to find out if there are other business like this out there. I'd be interested in talking with them and seeing if their business is successful? In the process of writing my business plan and having a hard time projecting its success.

      I'd also appreciate any