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    Different ways to reach the customer!

    surajsm Wayfarer
      Saw some posts regarding this.Saw some books also.
      But I think it is more than reading a book.What would
      be an ideal move to reach or target the customers to
      present ourselves?
      I am talking abt the software products in various fields
      like finance,retail industry,healthcare,real estate & many more.
      Pls share ur valuable thoughts on it

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Tell us more. You have 27 posts so far this year and your Members page is blank.
          Where are you going with this question. How and why are you asking and about WHAT??
          There are books on everything and you can a lot of info online.
          Help me to help you by
          YOU sharing your thoughts with us.
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              surajsm Wayfarer
              In my recent post i asked u how did u overcome the difficulty of marketing in small towns.
              I tried to serach for strategies for marketing,but i thought they were too generalized.
              I need some real time examples to get the clear understanding on it.

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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  Does this help??
                  If your advertising
                  budget, assuming you even have one, is low to start with, blowing it all on a
                  single high-profile ad placement isn’t likely to yield significant long-term
                  results. It might make more sense to try a variety of low-cost outlets to find
                  something that works.

                  Small business
                  owners face a daunting task of breaking through today’s non-stop ad clutter to
                  reach buyers. Do NOT give up. There are ways to win the small business
                  advertising game. “For the average business owner, creating and placing an ad
                  is like learning a foreign language,” says marketing consultant Andrew
                  Griffiths. “But advertising works and the more time and energy you put into
                  your advertising, the greater your results will be.”


                  Time, energy
                  and creative thinking are critical. You can find low-cost options in almost
                  every advertising category. While display ads in magazines and newspapers can
                  be expensive, advertising in the classified section costs less and is often
                  overlooked. Readers flock to the classifieds in many trade and specialty
                  magazines. Look for publications that specifically target your customers. Try a
                  few test ads to gauge response.


                  online through search engines is inexpensive and has become the single most
                  popular new advertising outlet for small business. You’ll find complete details
                  and guidelines on creating and managing pay-per-click ad campaigns at search
                  giants such as Google and Yahoo!


                  lower-cost option in the direct mail arena is postcards. They are simple,
                  timely and easy for customers to read quickly at a glance. And they are
                  considerably less expensive than typical letter-and-envelope type mailings.


                  the right ad medium, however, is only part of the battle. You still need to
                  create a plan for your ad program and craft a message that works. A few tips:


                  words and images that appeal to your customers and prompt them to
                  advertise on impulse. Create a plan; select several ad methods that can
                  support each other, and don’t give up before your ads have a chance to
                  outside assistance. Many SCORE counselors have an advertising and
                  marketing background.


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                besonix Wayfarer
                Take a look at my post here:

                Looking for testers for my software (useful for e-commerce)

                This is exactly what you need.
                Drop me an email and we can discuss this over the phone.
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                  mitchell0327 Newbie
                  Identify first your target niche market, and then, start introducing yourself (product/service). There are many available online software that can help you manage your business. If you want more details, visit us here -

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                    CarlOrf00 Newbie
                    You don't need to really advertise to reach your target audience. Just offer them solid value, a taste of what you do, and they'll come.

                    I posted this a bit ago, but the same question comes up again and again and again. the universal answer is this:

                    #1: Be relevant to what they're looking for
                    #2: Provide quality
                    #3: Become their resource. Give them something for free which gets them a bit closer to their goals.

                    Show don't tell.

                    the list of cliches goes on!

                    I like to use the internet and press to pull this off.
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                      womensjournal Wayfarer
                      Have you identified your target market? Who are your customers?
                      Targeted marketing-The magic key in your marketing plan.

                      Advertising budget- How much is each potential customer worth to you?
                      After you determine the potential dollar amount each customer represents you can develop your return on investment strategy.
                      The strategy- How much money am I going to spend advertising and where am I going to advertise

                      Track it! Trail it! Where did you spend money advertising ? Did it work?
                      Look for repeat advertisers because they may have a niche that works.



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                        ELiTeMdeSiGNs Newbie
                        With todays technology and the internet at our finger tips (litereally). Businesses of all sizes with need to implement more creative ways to get our message across to our consumer base. Traditional communication methods consisted of:

                        Face to Face (if you can catch your customer's attention w/out interrupting their work schedule)

                        Mail (if it doesn't get stacked in the "read this mail later" box

                        By telephone (if you ever get off hold before your cell phone minutes run out for the month LoL)

                        Purchase incentives (not to thorough as you might only hear from your customer when they purchase and want the incentive)

                        But now you have:

                        Text messaging (if you can distribute your cell number for business purposes)

                        Email EFFICTIVE (just make sure to use +read mail receipt+)

                        Ecards (you can design your own templates, upload them and send

                        Video's (PowerPoint simple "Hello There" presentions, if you do it yourself it's cost effective, eye catching, and will get you remembered

                        There you go just a few ideas...