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    Google Voice ... will you try it?

    KathleenF Scout
      Just read an interesting article on Mashable:

      Seems Google Voice is now available to everyone in the US. Free calls, text and even voicemail by email.

      Will you try it or stick to Skype?
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          Barky Dog Tracker


          Who r u?? Do you have a business plan?? - Just kidding. :-)

          I use Google Voice a lot. Some of the things I like are:

          • I can call anywhere in the country for free.
          • I just give out my Google Voice number, and when someone calls, Goog rings my desk phone and my cell phone at the same time. No more having to forward my desk phone to my cell phone when I am out of the office.
          • It automatically transcribes my voicemails and sends the translation to my cell phone. So, I really don't even have to list to the voicemail.
          • It is fully integrated into my Android cell phone. So, I can actually make calls with my Google Voice number from my call phone.


          But, some of the weaknesses are:
          • My business name does not show up in the Caller ID of the person I am calling. Because for this, sometimes people don't answer my call because they think I am a telemarketer.
          • Sometimes my outbound calls don't connect because it seems Google Voice is out of capacity.
          • You cannot "port" any existing phone numbers over to Google Voice.

          All-in-all it's a great free service from Google. Hopefully, it will have more functionality and get better with time.

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            sleuth2010 Newbie
            I use Google voice and love it! I chose my number and it transcribes all my calls. Does a pretty good job.
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              INFORMAR Newbie
              I use Google Voice and it's a great tool if you are an android or iphone user. It allows your phone to operate with both lines, yours and google voice.
              I also find that international rates are cheaper than SKYPE and with SKYPE adding IVA, even more. I kept both for convenience sake.

              A pro about Google Voice is the functionality. You can do so much with it, such as recording... forward... etc
              A con about Google Voice is that the same functionalities can hinder from punching a number after receiving a call. For example, I needed to press 1 to enter a confirmation code for a conference call, but Google voice would enhance the recording capability instead of confirming the code.

              Hope it helps