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    Promote websites for a % of what is sold.

    runnerxx Newbie

      I have 4 ecommerce websites selling private label supplements and skincare items.Unfortunetly the products aren't selling. I am no knowledge in these things and tried to promote them without success. Having a small budget didn't help.

      Is there someone who has a successful track record in promoting ecommerce products such as I sell who will take over the marketing of the websites for a a healthy percentage of what is sold? In other words, on commission, using social media or other white hat techniques. Again to be clear I would not spend anything on the promotion of the products and you work purely on a % of what is sold. This would be for someone with a track record in website promotion.
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          mturner Newbie
          I would love to help you but I dont work for commission because what if I were to give you hundreds of hours of my time to give your website high google rankings and traffic and your products didnt sell.
          Then I would have esentially worked very hard and for free.

          I dont think any professional SEO consultant would take you up for such an offer.

          We like to get paid upfront....;)
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            hmansfield Newbie
            Not saying it's not possible, but anyone with the skills you are looking for is likely flush with websites of thier own where they make 100% or if they wanted to get into your product line would just build thier own site and again...100%.
            Building a site is the easy part in comparison to getting traffic and converting it into sales.
            You are pretty much asking for someone to to the hardest and most important part for a possibility of getting paid a portion.

            It would have to be a fabulous domain, and product with tons of potential to make any sense to anyone who can do it without you.
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              NatOnline Tracker
              If you don't want to spend anything to promote your products it will be very difficult to sell.

              In business you have to spend money to make money.

              Here a few questions to ask:

              How long are you online?

              How many products are you selling on your sites?

              What kind of skin care products are you selling?

              How are your products different from your competitors?

              Why do you think people should buy from your sites?

              I am the owner of Natural Elements at I will be happy to help you as I am in the skin care field for 5 years now. I do everything I can myself and outsource when it is necessary.

              Good luck