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    What is the most important feature of a shopping cart?

    Imayday28 Wayfarer

      Hi everybody! I have some questions on shopping cart.
      What is the most important feature of a shopping cart which drives you to use it?
      And what is your idea on the difference between free shopping cart and charged shopping cart? Is charged one always superior to free one?
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          phpdeveloper Newbie
          You should look for quality, security and features, it should not matter
          if they are open source or not.

          They all have their positive and negative sides. Open source platforms
          usually attract lots of community help and develop manny more functions
          and integrations with other platforms then commercial ones. However
          commercial ones usually give you better paid support and confidence...

          The best way to go in my opinion is Magento. Magento is open source but
          is built and copyrighted by a commercial company.

          I work in a company that have lots of experience with developing web
          shops using different shopping cart and we
          really recomend this solution over any other a commerce software.

          I hope I helped
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            amspcs Ranger
            There is no 'one size fits all' shopping cart solution. The best shopping cart is the one that best fits your unique needs, wants, and budget.
            Useful features of shopping carts, many of which are optional, may include (among may others):

            • Automatic site map generation -- good for visitors AND search \\ engines alike
            • Customer order management including the ability to email customers \\ and shipment tracking capability
            • Cross selling of similar products capability
            • Special features such as VIP Clubs, quantity discounts, gift cards, \\ etc.
            • Inventory tracking capability to avoid out-of-stock problems
            • The ability to list detailed product features
            • An affiliate module
            • Easy editing of orders to correct customer ordering errors
            • Easy order search capability by phone number, zip code, etc.
            • A customer note section
            • Statistical reporting capability, including sales reports, product \\ breakdowns, shipping reports, affiliate sales, most popular sales and \\ most popular customers reports, etc.
            Pick the features you want/need, and find a solution that offers the best combo of features as a price you can afford.

            Finally, make sure you understand what a shopping cart is. It is NOT a merchant account or a gateway provider, which are separate independent entities that work together, all necessary to make an ecommerce site function.
            So NOT make the mistake of using a proprietary combo solution containing all of the above in one neat package. They are sold on the basis of convenience. What they really are is a very expensive mistake.