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    I am buying a Mac - any suggestions?

    Bluesuit Adventurer
      I have decided to buy a MAC laptop (thanks to everyone's help with my PC vs. MAC question). Any suggestions? Is there any benefit buying it in an Apple Store vs. going to Best Buy/Circuit City type of store?
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          Buffalo Adventurer
          Two questions I would ask myself. Where would I get the best price? And perhaps even more important, where would I get the best service if there is a problem?
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              Iwrite Pioneer
              As I write this on my MacBook Pro, which I love so much. I have the big one. I really think you should go with the Apple Store. Tell them what you want and need for it to do and let them help you build it to that. I love the service from the store. I have found them to be fast and knowledgeable. GET THE WARRANTY!! Most of the people I work with are on Mac's, and we have found Apple Care to be a life saver. These things can be expensive to fix.

              Take advantage of the classes. There is a lot this thing will do, like every other computer, but it is great to know as much as possible about the one you have. And they will show you some really cool things this box will do. Working in advertising, I am always amazed at what a good art director or graphic designer can get from these things. The work sings.

              As you can tell I am a fan. Anyway, my experience at the Apple Store is always better than the Big Box stores, unless I know the person working there. Now, if you are every in the market for a used one go to You can't beat the prices!!