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    songwolffarm Adventurer
      I`ve been working with an investment firm, and had everything finished that they asked of me minus one thing which they failed to tell me before hand. I need liquidity. But how can I get that if I`m so broke I can`t even afford to get glasses, and I`m begging for change to feed my guinea pig? My credit`s bad because of medical bills I can`t pay for. The only good thing that I have sorta going for me is that when I did have my credit card, I took great care of it, usually paying ahead of time, and in full so that I got a $900 write off in Feb. and now only owe about $700

      My business plan isn`t done but he understood that, it`ll take time to finish, as there`s not as much information available for me as far as getting into raising Thoroughbred race horses because those already in the business, won`t talk to me. And that is why, there are less and less people getting into it. No mentors.

      I also have a 2nd partial business plan which I could probably have done within 2 months which is on another breed of horse, with a similar heritage as far as being "very connected" to our country. Thoroughbreds were known as the race horse that started movies, books, etc. And the Foundation Appaloosa were bred by the Nez Perce Indians and efforts are being made to preserve the breed, though there is competition with Quarter Horse/Appaloosa breeders who call them purebred Appaloosas and register them as such.

      With that in mind, what can I do to get liquidity when taking care of myself and my pig is extremely difficult?