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    What subject to pick for articles on my new website? Help!

    raffledog Adventurer
      I started a new business Raffle Dog. We raffle off prizes for free and companies sponsor giveaways. Simple concept and we're slowly bringing in traffic but I'd like to boost my SEO strategy and start writing articles for our blog. The problem is I'm not sure what topic to pick or what direction to go in.

      I'm a techy so I can always write about computers, technology, ect... but would it make sense to do that on my type of website? Another direction I thought to go in was writing product reviews and website reviews. I know How To and List articles do the best which wouldn't really work on a review type blog. I'm hoping someone out there could give me some advice, thanks!!!

      Google Raffle Dog if you're interested in my website. I'd rather not spam up this site with links.