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    Use free marketing first and get out the office.

    stokestrip Wayfarer
      One of the biggest challenges I have is getting the word out about my business without depleting all my business and personal funds. I have learned to use all the free advertising first. Every place I can post an ad for free I do so. I am now saving the money to go to expos instead of passive advertising. Establishing a presence means getting out and meeting people and talking to them. Usually being a vendor at an expo is cheaper than advertising the the local newspaper on a regular basis. I can attend expos for more than a year with $20,000 instead of spending it for a full page color ad in a publication for maybe 2-4 runs. You have to be creative when you lack start up capital. As a travel agent, I do not see any angel investors or venture capitalists volunterring to help fund our businesses. Banks do not like to give loans for it either. It is viewed as not profitable to take a risk on it. Until I get the money rolling in like I need it, I have to be savvy and get more free advertising.